Besides, they constantly go off


Vermont is a peculiar state among the others of the u.s.a.. It is generally considered a progressive one (one of the presidential candidates for the DNC primary elections, Bernie Sanders, has been continually elected as u.s. Vermont senator since 2007). From time to time, in this state there is a minority but active movement for its secession from the u.s. and union with canada: the american state is from far too problematic to dangerous according to the Vermont autonomists.

Last January, another democrat state senator, John Rodgers, introduced a bill for the total ban on cellphone use for young teenage boys and girls under 21. He knows for sure that his proposal will not pass the state’s judicial committee. “I am not going to push for the bill to pass”, he stated. He wanted to prove that “cell phones are just as dangerous as guns”; for which there is also a ban under the age of 21. If his proposal passed and became a law, then its violation would mean a fine of 1,000 dollars; or even a one-year imprisonment.

Mr. Rodger’s efforts are honest. Disturbances and insults of any kind have been facilitated by their extremely easy digital dissemination… But what is that which makes him to believe that when turning 21, responsibility is restored? Vermont must be that only place in the entire galaxy where cell-phone use is as limited as gun use –over the age of 21…

And we do not take into account that these personal remote controls of everyday life go off like guns every single second…

bytes & genes | cyborg #17 – 02/2020