Alice Bergmann lives in Chemnitz, germany, and has a serious problem with islam. She must overcome an overwhelming shock, the murder of her sister Elizabeth a few years ago in a park in Berlin. Both killers were immigrants.

“I have a lot of hatred inside me, a lot of anger, and I know that this trauma will be damned forever” Bergmann wrote in a post on her facebook account in 2015. She has been fighting against immigrants on the front lines ever since, even from her job at the federal office for migration and refugees. A friend of hers from facebook congratulated her on the above post. “In honor of your murdered sister, this is the best thing you can do”.

…Bergmann has a close relationship on facebook with her cousin Helena, who is a model and artist, works at an academy, and tries to use her art to raise public attention to the abuse and murder of women by immigrants. In her profile she writes that “in many cities in germany, women are being murdered by immigrants”.

Bergmann also has close contact via facebook with her brother David, who is worried about Alice’s safety, after one of Elizabeth’s killers told the court, “Alice must die too… I swear I will kill her…”

Photos on their accounts show that the three meet regularly, and make trips and journeys to overcome their pain. In addition, they chat with many others on facebook about immigrants and the german government’s asylum policy.

This story is tragic, but it has a problem: all the protagonists are non-existent. There has been no Elizabeth to have been murdered by immigrants; no cousin Helena the artist, no brother David, and no Alice Bergmann. The photo in the account with this name is by chilean actress Josefina Montane…

This is how yesterday’s article in the online version of the german mainstream de spiegel begins, entitled: a network of lies on facebook; how to fool friends and influence the world. The article uses various examples of fake faces with presence on social media, and its main theme are the attempts (even facebook’s…) to locate and delete such accounts…

(photo: chilean Montane on the left, and herself on the right, slightly “teased” in photoshop, as Alice Bergmann).

Those who have a few milligrams of brain in their heads know that counterfeiting has become a normal industry on a very large scale on social media. And in fact not only from individual liars (who try to “fish” various people and things, always for evil…) but also from states, secret services; and businesses. The examples are many and well known here, so it is unnecessary to show some.

With a little critical thinking, everyone should ask themselves if the so-called social media as they have evolved and being evolved are ultimately nothing more than embezzlers of fake faces and mass psyops (psychological operations) from states, deep-states and bosses… And if, consequently, “ordinary users” of these state and deep-state embezzlers are something other than plain (and unhappy) “vegetables” who legitimize these mechanisms by being media-enslaved by them; when, of course, they are not traitors to themselves and to each other in the sense of theft or looting their personal data, by any kind of interested party.

Exaggeration; No. Fascist forgery operations would not be necessary since cambridge analytica exists. All these many millions of americans who the company “persuaded”, through fake social media accounts, to vote for the dead-ferret president; and the other many millions of english people who were “persuaded” by the same company to vote for brexit in the same way in 2016, did they realize that they were manipulated and closed their accounts? No. Do greek social media customers have any special talent for not getting tricked (for example) by the organized provocation of panic or of nationalist sentiment, if some mechanisms decide that it suits them to do it? No…

We had denounced the dangerous dynamics of digital forgery/counterfeiting very early, at first in the pages of the magazine “3rd generation”, in January 2002. Note the date: there was not even the prospect (let alone its spread of this plague) of social media. It was enough, enough and more, to face in a critical way a new “doctrine” that was beginning to rise to prominence then (and in fact among the self-proclaimed “radicals”, “revolutionaries”, etc.), according to which the online/digital anonymity was …freedom! After 18 years, it may be easier to ridicule the deep stupidity of that “doctrine”; but now it is too late: communication “freedom” and “convenience” have been so strongly and systematically colonized by the regime mechanisms that anyone who continues to “live free” on/with social media has simply opened his/her door wide up to his/her manipulation.

No wonder: the issue of mass (and provocative) falsification is not addressed by banning(?) those who, whether amateur or professional and methodical, spread lies. They (pathological mythomaniacs, planted insiders, rats, or state/deepstate mechanisms) where always here; and in the digital age they have found their health. They will continue to exist, in an increasingly “superior” technological stage…

The question is who, how many, and why they open the door to them… The idea of ​​the disappearance of the “sources” of forgery is dangerous: it shifts the responsibility to the “good” mechanisms, whether they are sensitive companies (like facebook…) or truthful states… The opposite is what we should be interested in, although with today’s facts it seems impossible: the denial of the mechanical (anti)social mediation (social media-ting, if we are allowed to abuse the term).

It is this impossible which has to be possible…