You may easily be about a century behind. He is certainly not a successful businessman either, but that’s how he is considered (the parallel realities, you see!). He stands very well as a “laundry” and as a promoter. Actually, the century you have probably lost needs such people: “visionaries”.

So the man who first launched the electric car hyping it up without even having sold a single one (then), but paved the way and opened the market for the normal car industry; the man who was chosen as the frontman to privatize expeditions outside the earth’s atmosphere paving the way for virus-free extraterrestrial tourism, Elon Reeve Musk, has another rod in pickle for you / us. The Neuralink project for example.

While you / we are busy with the bio-info-security complex and the pharmaco-repressive side represented by Mr. Bill the Lord of Gates and Windows, Musk’s Neuralink company also comes to cure us of almost everything (no more treatment, thank you for your kindness!). From Alzheimer to shopping indecisiveness…

In three days, on August 28, Musk will give a big show about the progress his company has made in interconnecting the human and electrical brains. We will show neurons giving commands in real time. The matrix inside the matrix! he said triumphantly. At the demonstration, high-precision robotic surgical machines will insert electrodes into a brain – whether human or animal – to make the connection to digital machines.

If the american techno-military darpa didn’t do exactly the same research we would say that Musk is fantasizing. Since we know that, we say that Musk is indeed an advertiser. He definitely wants to raise money. But he also wants admiration (or fear) without combat boots showing up. He certainly doesn’t want workers’ rivalry. (And indeed, there is no such…)

Although it’s not necessary (just the opposite) to buy something from his stall, at least make the effort of a leap into the 21st century. It’s not pleasant – it’s necessary.

On the off-chance that we understand each other someday…

The other day the other great doctor, the other great savior of humanity, presented his technological miracle. Elon Musk, owner of neuralink. And we know that your reaction will be repulsion, and you will probably refuse to know it: An electronic implant in the brain (but how is it that you react like this? It’s like a coin! And it will not even be visible under the scalp…) which collects brain signals and transmits them wirelessly to its “base”… What does the “base” do with the brain signals? Why does it want them? Why, for therapeutic purposes dummies; always for therapeutic purposes… What do you dislike again? (We will call the henchmen quarantinieri, be careful!!!)

Discreet as he is, Musk presented the success of the device in pigs; but permission for the first “clinical trials” in humans will not be long in coming. Even more discreetly, he showed the signals that start at the brain and end at the base; not the other way around: the signals that start at the base and end at the brain, giving, say, “commands”, “directions”, etc… But that’s what the american war industry (via darpa) is interested in. We suppose not only this industry…

In the 14-minute video that follows, you will have the opportunity, if you don’t want to hide, to watch footage from the health industry today. Not tomorrow – today! You will see, for example, a high-precision robotic surgeon (who doesn’t wear a surgical mask, so those will be left for the victims of the terror campaign!). You will see the bloodless implantation of electrodes in the brain, and how important it is. You will see the sophistication and good manners of the 4th industrial revolution, beyond “smart” mobiles and 5G communications.

You will probably freak out, but this is (going to be) an abomination to the (capitalist) reality, which means “spontaneous” makings of other psycho-“realities”, more compatible, more convenient… To deny reality is an invisible prison! “It’s impossible for this to happen to me” is an invisible prison. Would an exit from this cage that reads “me, myself and I” perhaps be worth it? Look at Musk’s achievements since he advertises them, if not for another reason at least to know! Because others may not advertise them; and not out of humbleness…

Look. Open your eyes at last, if you haven’t loved sleepwalking! Because one of the next “pandemics” may be called “spongiform encephalopathy”. Or something like this… And it may (we say) be cured only with “implants” of the neuralink type… And then what will we keep ahead of to put a curb on the regime?

That “I don’t know” doesn’t save anyone. It just increases in-sanity…

(The orientation of our saviors or, more correctly, of those they represent, towards the bodies and the implants, Mr. Bill with quantom dot, and Musk with his electrodes, is neither random nor outside the “framework” of the 4th industrial revolution. Think about this: since “mobile” became such an essential accessory of everyday life, 24/7, that leaving one’s remote control feels in many cases like “nakedness”, various experts claim, with only a minimal dose of exaggeration, that “mobiles” have become an extension of the body.

From “extension” to “implantation” the distance – by criteria of social re-presentations – is shorter than you think… Less than you think is also the commercially exploitable wider social demand for “erasing bad memories” from the brain, or for operating machines “by thought”…)