Look at these mugs!

Why has an application become so popular that we have to wonder about the mental state of the subjugated? The well-known “FaceApp” (of the russian wireless lab) has been available since 2017; however, in 2019 a stormy “discovery” occurred, resulting in at least 80 million active users today.

But what is the reason for this “desirability” of “tampering with” your face or the faces of your friends; or anyone else? What kind of “game” is this? Obviously a generalized shallowness / superficiality is ingrained in everything. And in this sense the “face” is socially understood mainly as a “surface”. All “make-up” techniques confirm this.

In the digital version, however, what “FaceApp” offered was not the make-up, the masquerade, the face mask. But “time change”, “gender reassignment”, etc. The application caught the attention of the lgbt and transgender communities in particular internationally, precisely because it could make a compelling “gender reassignment” on faces.

Afterwards, the expected concern about the destination of personal data erupted; proof that there was a certain awareness that by “playing” you are getting a file. Do the russians collect our face data? Alas! The founder of wireless lab Yaroslav Goncharov publicly assured that the data does not go to his company, but to the google cloud platform and amazon web services.

And so everyone calmed down – and continued the game…