History of the messenger

What is the biotechnology of messenger RNA? Is it a simple technical breakthrough, as its followers claim, that will only lead to good for humankind? Or is it the first step in mass genetic manipulation of the human body as we advocate? Is it the source of eternal health? Or is it a Frankenstein experiment (though not the first), with an unknown (but not at all auspicious) prospect? Is it a production of mutations “from the back door” as the unstoppable machine insists or is it an innocent and harmless technical leap of the capitalist 21st century?

Before we add a few more to what we have already presented on the subject (also in the relevant cyborg texts) we need to clarify a few basic things. To clarify them; not to negotiate them!!! Not out of stubbornness; for completely clear political-historical reasons. Because when from September 2000 to June 2001 we published in 9 consecutive sequels a first modular (and based on all the techno-scientific data available at the time…) critical approach to biotechnology entitled “the captive cells” in the marginal militant magazine “Third generation” we were extremely out of date… OK… But we have never fallen asleep from the lullaby of technological wonders! And we did not come yesterday either…

A first clarification we owe concerns the meaning (and reality) of what is called mutation. Officially, the term refers to “any change in the genetic material of an organism”. The word “mutation” and its derivatives (“mutants”) got a jarring meaning of extreme danger in the 1980s, when the antagonistic movements in the first world still had the audacity not only to keep up with capitalist technological developments but also to harshly (and therefore revealingly!) criticize them. For geneticists, changes in the genetic material of organisms were made (or were intended to be made) solely for “good purpose”… But the movement’s criticism argued and could prove that the only “good purpose” was the profitability of various industries; and the more intensive control over our species. And that in the name of this profit biotechnological capitalism (like any other industry…) could cause unspeakable disasters to the living world. These were happening then. These are not happening now. At that time there was an antagonistic movement that deserved its name, as it was able to clash at the highest level of “capitalist development”. Now there are arrivistes, poseurs and the embarrassing, upsetting “culture” of antisocial media.

For reasons related to the evolution of bio-technologies of the capital, the first field of interventions and modifications of the genetic material of living organisms was DNA. The term “mutation” identified with the term “DNA”, especially since, from the ‘90s onwards, the movement’s overview of the development of state and capitalist weapons began to decline and eventually disappeared. Efforts to effectively control DNA continue at a rapid pace from the late 1990s onwards (the inventors of the extremely dangerous genetic cutting and sewing technique called cripsr / cas9 were awarded the nobel prize in chemistry… this year).

But techno-scientific aiming is no longer limited to DNA; it is no longer just “cut and sew”. The technology of astrazeneca (which appears as “lifesaver” against covid) aims there, at the DNA of cells, with the stated goal of diverting the function of selected genes to produce viral (ie: hostile) proteins. But the attack on the cellular ribosome (pfizer, moderna, biontech, curevac…) also involves alteration, diversion of genetic material.

Do we “have the right”, from purely working-class, antagonistic, anti-state and anti-capitalist positions, to call these genetic interventions “mutations” or “mutagens”? All biotechnological experts who have (as they say) halos over their heads along with their demagogic lackeys, who (always!!) care for the “good of the people”, will rebuke us: since they are not taking place in the DNA, it is definitely not a “mutation”…

But we are not facing purely and “definitely” technical issues!!! Nor are we going to allow the “experts” of the state and capital, whatever “specialty” they serve, to secure immunity from criticism by playing with words!

Issues are political, either as techniques of authority or as the craft of anti-authority. Since biotechnologists have expanded their knowledge and tools for interventions and alterations to genetic material; since the genetic material they aim at is not just DNA, both the critique and the use of the terms need to be expanded accordingly. So, we have the right! And we do not take it from the manuals of the technicians of power; we take it (and honor it) from the history of criticism!

The second thing we make clear (and we do not negotiate!) is questioning the “neutrality” of sciences; and in any case the techno-sciences. Is what appears to be “scientific” above criticism? Or does the critique of it come from zealously religious and / or metaphysical? And if the answer is that “yes, science is not outside the scope of criticism”, is criticism allowed only to “experts”, is it – as it were – an “internal debate” of experts, or is criticism allowed even without a doctorate?

Again (our) movement’s history, from those distant times, has the answers we need. No science and no knowledge (religious, scientific, anything) is sacrosanct; provided that criticism is not the easy daily psycho-mental defecation, but a laborious, persistent, time-consuming and coherent task. Especially as far as our class is concerned, one of what dooms and enslaves it is the “sanctity”, the “don’t touch”, the “have faith and doubt not” of old and new religions, of the “scientific” ones included.

J. Ioannidis became known in our lands this year for completely conjunctural reasons. It would be enlightening, however, to attend one of his earlier lectures, when there was no jaunty virus, where he analyzed with indisputable evidence and proof the degradation of scientific research and, therefore, the degeneracy of scientific circles. That has nothing to envy from the similar degeneracy of religious circles.

How did science, the once hope of humankind to get rid of lies, tales and prejudices, degrade like that and so much? The answer is not difficult, as long as one is engaged with the history of science over the last 200 years. Its increasingly strong and structural articulation with both state and capitalist interests made it an implement; with few, though noteworthy, exceptions. One must be sacrilegious toward science if one is up to save it as the most interesting and creative adventure of the human spirit! And, of course, we must not concede a single millimeter of confidence to the capitalist exploitation / alienation of this adventure!

In short: if it is worth defending what science once promised (and it is worth it!), it is required to highlight the crimes of those who were rightly described by Situationists as specialist idiots – funded by the bosses. There has not been a mass crime for over a century that did not have a “scientific signature”! From the chemical gases in the trenches of the first world war to the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; from nazi medical experiments to eugenics laws in force in european countries until the 1970s; from psychiatric repression to the ongoing crimes of the pharmaceutical industry; from the urban planning of consumption and control to anthropologists stationed in the u.s occupation army in afghanistan and iraq; from the manipulative leverage of information technology to the impending imposition of “augmented reality”, scientists are always at the heart of state and capitalist domination!

And if we ought to keep the collective workers’ intellectual potential flourishing (and we ought to!), we must, among other things, fight the separation of intellectual and manual labor, which is to the detriment of the latter and in favor of the impunity of professional intellectuals and “experts” of all authority!

…For decades, scientists have dreamed about the seemingly endless possibilities of custom-made messenger RNA, or mRNA.

Researchers understood its role as a recipe book for the body’s trillions of cells, but their efforts to expand the menu have come in fits and starts. The concept: By making precise tweaks to synthetic mRNA and injecting people with it, any cell in the body could be transformed into an on-demand drug factory…

These, among other things, were mentioned by a not at all conspiracist specific reference to the history of mRNA (photo above). Many people may now learn (?) these initials as synonyms for “salvation” from a opportunely inflated threat, but mRNA is NOT a vaccine! It is genetic engineering! It is, so to speak, a method of intervention in genetic material. And, as such, it is not going to be limited to a tool of the health industry (with clearly dangerous prospects). It has a broader horizon…

One cannot understand the political economy of this technology if one isolates it from the broader aspirations of biotechnologists, considering it “offer to humanity”. Nor can one recognize these aspirations in their historical environment if one treats biotechnologies (and their history) as something extraordinary and irrelevant to capitalist development.

For example, there is no biotechnological “achievement” known to the masse of the subjugated that has not been served as a “solution to a problem” (usually health): from human DNA manipulation techniques (supposed to ensure a healthier, smarter and more beautiful humanity…) to mutant plants, animals, insects; even viruses. It is therefore not surprising, but also not even innovative, how mRNA genetic “reprogramming” is served in the form of vaccines… How else would it be done? If it wasn’t a vaccine it would be a pill…

But what is the real desideratum? It is implied by this phrase in the above passage: …By making precise tweaks to synthetic mRNA and injecting people with it, any cell in the body could be transformed into an on-demand drug factory…

Factory? Drug factory? Whose property?

The same article begins as follows: Pfizer… has made a billion-dollar bet on that dream. So has a brash, young rival… Moderna, a 10-year-old biotech company with billions in market valuation but no approved products, is racing forward with a vaccine of its own… The prospects of synthetic messenger RNA have swung billions of dollars on the stock market, made and imperiled scientific careers, and fueled hopes that it could be a breakthrough that allows society to return to normalcy after months living in fear.

Is it an innocent, pleasant evolution of the human species? Hell no! Anyone who thinks that the bio-info-security complex will abolish itself turning each of us into a “self-healing system” (!!!) lives on another planet! The objective is the exact opposite: the permanent dependence of bodies on this complex.

We call this particular dependency capitalist colonization / expropriation of the human immune system as a whole! Attention: it is only one dependency; by no means the only one! Dreams and billion-dollar bets should leave no room for misunderstandings; right?

Let’s resume: mRNA technology is a technology of genetically manipulating cells through their ribosomes, and it is NOT a vaccine! The raid is just done with a syringe… The “experts” among themselves call it a platform; and this term, in its vagueness, is closer to reality. Its specific form / use is a vaccine. But the first utilisation of mRNA technology was the laboratory construction of stem cells (from “adult” cells), by the founder of moderna canadian geneticist Derek Rossi, in 2009, (more about him and his company in the text of cyborg magazine: from mutations to “reprogramming”: the advance of genetic engineering). And we do not know what its future uses will be. (There are several ways that have been paved…)

To clarify even more (for those who want to understand of course), two more words about this version of genetic engineering are needed. Firstly, because it is indeed a technique of (genetic) mutation of cells and secondly, because it clearly indicates what we have claimed before, that is, it is the capitalist colonization / expropriation of the human immune system as a whole!

There is a basic theorem in molecular biology, dating back to the mid-20th century, which has the heavy name “central dogma”, and is consistently followed – certainly propagandistically. It is a doctrine of a chemo-informatics nature (thus, a theorem that corresponds to the most commercial versions of the capitalist bio-Informatics Paradigm) which argues that there is a one-way “flow of information” from a cell’s DNA to its RNA and from there to proteins. According to this theorem, if the RNA of a cell is “expropriated” (and this is exactly what mRNA genetic “reprogramming” does…) DNA is not affected – so we can not speak of “mutation”…

Like any theorem that concerns life (and especially its “sciences”!!!) so this one is arbitrary too! Geneticists have already observed the reverse “flow of information” from a cell’s RNA to its DNA, and yet in the case of a viral infection (from HIV). There are a few more cases. They consider them “exceptions”, but that is simply the gauge of their ignorance! It is much more “natural” (in the sense of “nature”) to have a constant interaction of the elements of cells with each other (as well as the organs of the body, or of individuals / humans) than the one-way “flow of information” they assumed in the middle of the 20th century, having as a (unspoken) model… the media of the time! In this constant interaction, the proteins naturally produced by the RNAs of cells should not be absent, given their role. Which means that the idea that if hostile (synthetic) mRNA invades the cell then “simply” the cell will replicate it and start multiplying its protein output (to mobilize the immune system in this provocative way), is indulgently stupid, only matching how “malware” reproduces if it infects a computer! You see: geneticists are neither outside of History nor outside of the ever-dominant presentations and representations of machines (in a broad sense)… Since cybernetics is the dominant model, their certainties are “cybernetic” too.

Therefore even worse for their “truths” – and for us!!!

In any case we can understand why the manipulation of ribosomes (as achieved in the first decade of the 21st century) complements, expands and in some cases replaces the manipulation of cell nuclei and DNA: if “you can do your job this way” why not do it?

Therefore, whether one wants to call the relationship between cellular components “informatics” or it will be later called “quantum”, it is so complex that the always biased gaze of the “researcher” (especially when millions or billions of money are dancing next to him or her) can permanently confirm only what he or she claimed from the beginning; ignoring everything else… Until it blows up either in his or her face or, even worse, in the faces of unsuspecting believers of his or her truths.

The case of mRNA technology is typical. Although research and experiments (in the form of vaccines) have been going on for at least a decade, nothing effective has ever been made! And, since experiments on other viruses (zika, sars, mers…) were performed on animals, it is completely ignored what catastrophic came up… (All sales final…) This long-standing failure of pfizer, moderna, biontech and co is not mentioned (alas!!!), since the unsuspecting must continue to be so. Now is the moment for the colpo grosso – “and all hell breaks loose”…

The motive of geneticists is clear; and in their own, “technical” texts, they call it by its name: to push human cells by forcing them to become micro-“factories” of the pharmaceutical industry and an appendage of what the “health industry” will become in the coming decades of the capitalist 21st century. They have made it clear: if the current quasi-vaccines of genetic reprogramming against the naughty virus are accepted, there will be a storm of changes in every other (traditional) vaccine, so that mRNA technology can be applied to them as well. The unstoppable machine does not even want to imagine what this accumulation of successive genetic “reprogramming” will equate to (in terms of the state of the human body) and what the “natural” (always in the sense of “nature”) response of the human immune system to this surge of mutations / manipulation of the cells of the body itself will be. But from a political point of view she understands fine: in view of the “human plus” (or as the “new state” of our species is otherwise called) the subsumption of the human (and not only…) immune system under the industrial synthetic mRNA formulations confirms what mr. Karl had predicted in his time (speaking of the organization of labour) in Grundrisse, facing the first industrial revolution. We paraphrase: …Techno-science… acts upon the living through its applications as an alien power, as the power of the applications themselves. The appropriation of life… is posited in management resting on health industry, as the character of life itself… Life becomes a mere conveyor, an accessory of an alien organism, which is capital…

If there is one catastrophic infection with the full meaning of both words, it is this one!

So let no one bet that “everything will be fine” now and later we’ll see! In the medium and long term we consider for sure that it will not be fine at all!!! One can, however, bet that the sales and public relations departments of the bio-info-security complex, their political fronts and demagogues already have the “action plan” ready for when the unwanted side effects start to erupt on a large scale: they will pretend they do not know them! They will find something else to lay them on. On diet… on bad habits… on climate change… on china…. On anything else!

Since they have managed to mythologize a virus, they will have no difficulty in mythologizing anything else relevant…

Despite the (any harmful and possibly deadly) uncertainties about the mass implementation of mRNA genetic engineering for “therapeutic reasons” and despite the chimerical (but extremely well-paid) fantasies of geneticists that they have become the masters of life, it’s supposed that the advantage of this technology is the speed with which it can “unfold” against any “killer” in the form of a virus… Chinese geneticists sent the decoded genetic sequence of covid RNA around the world on last January 7th. Since then (no one in the west) seems to have dealt with this virus again; from a biotechnological point of view, everything was based on this sequence (not, after all, the rogue Drosten!).

On January 13, just a week after the sequence was announced, moderna geneticists had a “suggestion” for the synthetic mRNA that would become a quasi-vaccine. The company sent its proposals to the u.s government, and on February 24 sent samples of its synthetic mRNA to the “national institute of allergies and communicable diseases”. Let us remind and emphasize: neither moderna nor pfizer or anyone else had until then managed to make an effective and safe “medicine” against coronavirus or any other viral tribe with this technology, even though their best minds (and their financiers) have been persistently occupied with it for years. The current “wisdom” spread by various henchmen, that is, what has failed for so long has been made now because now truckloads of money have been poured into research, gives away what it means to be a techno-scientific bastard: money makes the world go round…

“Speed!!!” Hmmm… Speed seems to be over-qualified in today’s (and even more so in tomorrow’s) capitalist world… From last January – February until tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the “speed of salvation” waves and waves again over millions of rattle-headed and all shook up minds… But speed in relation to what? Without the extremist demagogic construction of an intensive, on the verge of insanity, “state of emergency” the “speed of salvation” would be mundane!!!

Those of you who read the unstoppable machine these months know that the “state of emergency”, the coups, the death-politics, the creative accounting of deaths, the “joint containers”, the disastrous “PCR test epidemic”, the well-paid paranoia of demagogy up to the point of becoming subcutaneous, benefited in many ways the state and capitalist restructuring of the western world; although they did not solve its main problems.

But what about the “speed of salvation” that is now reaching its practical genetic manifestations? Here things are not as sold (and / or obscured) by demagogues! As the “pioneering” subjects of her majesty the queen of england, wales, and other possessions are pushed into the queues of genetic reprogramming of their cells in the coming days, the chinese state / capital has already vaccinated a few million of its citizens (a small percentage of the total population, in any case), since last July, using two simple, “traditional” vaccines, with attenuated covid… (and one more, of the type of russian sputnik V, to be exact…) that is, using an “old”, known, and relatively safe technology. The chinese Sinopharm, Sinovac and CNBG trust this “old” method, which ensures a wider immune response of the organism, since the neutralized virus has all its proteins and not just one like the quasi-vaccines of genetic engineering. This “old” technology is not entirely safe, and it never was: a very small (but real) percentage of those vaccinated develop some kind of “reaction” to this type of vaccine. But in any case the method has been known for a long time and has not for the most part unknown (and unpleasant) surprises.

This means that there, in the far east, the old vaccination technology moved as fast as the western genetic, mRNA, “new” and “fast” technology!!! So what speed? If the chinese formulation or the help of chinese experts had been requested, the simple and not terrorist vaccines would already be available!!! Why did the western big pharma consciously put aside the “old type” know how? Why are they in a hurry to launch, on the “hump” of millions of subjugated, something so dangerously unknown and uncertain?

Let’s say this too, parenthetically: If some people think that the chinese state / capital was constrained to make “old-type” vaccines because it can not reach the inconceivable height of western technological capabilities, they’ve got another guess coming! As of mid-June, the “academy of military science” of the chinese army (in collaboration with chinese Suzhou Abogen Biosciences and Walvax Biotechnology Co. ltd) is testing an mRNA vaccine called ARCoV! In fact, it had previously performed experiments on animals (mice and monkeys), which officially (by whatever this means in the Chinese regime…) were considered “successful” – something the western pharmaco-mafias did not even bother to do; or had failed in the past. (In addition: the ARCoV can be stored for a week at room temperature; that is, it does not have the logistical requirements of its western counterparts…) And also this: german BioNtech, partner of pfizer, has a deal with chinese Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co. ltd to develop a mRNA vaccine version for the chinese market… (without haste on the part of the chinese…)

So while the chinese state / capital is in the same (or even more advanced…) stage regarding biotechnologies in general and the mRNA “platform” of genetic reprogramming in particular, there are 2 things it did NOT do, neither in its territory nor in those of its allies; and 1 that did. First, it does NOT advertise or impose this technology as the “salvation” for mass use (and all hell breaks loose)… Second, it did NOT enter the “drug race” of the western pharmaco-mafias over who would be the first to sell their mRNA merchandise to conquer the world… And third, it “does its job” to a large extent with a conventional vaccine… In addition, it exports: for example, Ankara has ordered 40 million doses of the “old” vaccine from Sinovac; while CNBG is in negotiations with countries in the middle East and south America…

How can these “oddities” be explained by a world-class capitalist state with global influence? It is not a matter of kindness… We will give our reasonable assumption / answer another time… However, one can assume that Beijing does NOT (yet?) consider the mRNA platform “safe and effective” for mass human use… And it prefers to see any of its results spread on the side of its competitors (not without any malevolence; since intracapitalist competition is underway…)

Let’s get back to the speed of biotechnological “salvation”: by this criterion the “old” methods prove to be at least as fast as the “new” ones! And no less effective… Then what?

Then the answer is as simple as it is terrifying!!! If the desideratum was indeed the health of the western subjugated, apart from the fact that this ongoing brutal terror campaign would not have been set up, Beijing would have been asked for help (it offered it where it was asked…), and the matter would have ended. But no, health is not the motivation; no, certainly not in the sense that everyone still understands the word “health”! From the beginning (we wrote it and rewrote it, under the stupid curses of various well-wishers…) this was NOT what was wanted!!! The aim was the domination of the western bio-info-security complex, in all its aspects (“medical”, “pharmaceutical”, political, police, ideological, ethical…) both over the western subjugated and over those who in addition it will manage to pull on the trajectory of its own interests from the rest of the planet!

That’s the way it goes. And whoever says “aaah, these are ‘conspiracy theories’!” gets he/she is worthy of his/her fate…

In 2014, the prominent cancer researcher Robert Weinberg published a paper admitting that the current paradigm of cancer research, while uncovering many technical details, has ultimately failed to unravel the complexity of this set of diseases. This is not an isolated incident – earlier this year, the biotech company Biogen halted two Phase 3 trials for it’s heralded Alzheimer’s drug, bringing up the debate of whether beta-amyloid, the hallmark of the disease, was actually a proper drug target… Cancer immunotherapy, widely acknowledged as a revolutionary breakthrough, is currently grappling with inexplicable phenomena such as diabetes in patients receiving IO therapy and the low rate of response by patients. Most recently, off-target toxicity was found to be widespread among cancer drugs in ongoing clinical trials.

These few instances are just the symptoms of a much larger crisis embroiling biomedical research and modern biology in general… The Precision Medicine initiatives undertaken both publicly and privately are failing to live up to their hype. Sham conferences and predatory journals have spawned at an alarming rate; current experimental strategies are guided by confirmation bias, an obsession with mechanistic details, genetic determinism, and investor relations rather than a proper theoretical framework. The absence of a proper theoretical framework has also resulted in abuse of statistical tests such as “p-hacking” and the conflation of statistically “not significant” results with no biological effect or importance. The consequences of this epistemological crisis in biology are not limited to academia and are manifested in the economic, political and social landscapes as observed through the cases of Theranos, the liquid biopsy company that promised the moon without any data, the bitter CRISPR patent battle, the rise of eugenics under the guise of hyper-rationalism and the subsequent co-option of genetics by white supremacists, the MIT-Epstein scandal and other high-profile incidences of conflict-of-interest between scientists and their work, the exorbitant prices of drugs in the US that benefit only the pharma companies, the large turnover of startup biotech companies and a reduction of investment in R&D by big pharmas, their increasing reliance on blockbuster drugs and insidious marketing strategies to create demand as exemplified by the Opioid Crisis, an inflation of transnational claims based on experiments with faulty pre-clinical models and clinical trial endpoints that serve profit rather than patients, and much more.

The litany of what is currently wrong with biomedical research, or modern biology in general, is long but should not come as a surprise. After all, Levins and Lewontin (1985) had already pointed out:

“Modern science is a product of capitalism. The economic foundation of modern science is the need for capitalists not only to expand horizontally into new regions, but to transform production, create new products, make production methods more profitable, and to do all this ahead of others who are doing the same. Its ideological underpinnings are congruent with these needs and also with the political philosophy of bourgeois revolution… The commoditization of science, then, is not a unique transformation but a natural part of capitalist development.”

The crisis in modern biology is then two sides of the same coin – the epistemological one… The entrenchment of capital and private interests in scientific research, a public good, has been steadily increasing since the 1980s, as a result of a series of legislations that allowed for the patenting of “anything under the sun made by man”, followed by waves of privatization to boost transnational research and public-private partnerships in the 90s… However, more money has not resulted in better research… rather the opposite…

This was the introduction of an article published in December 2019 (last month of the pre-covid era and without waiting for it to come…) by biotechnologist Nafis Hasan, of the american Tufts university, entitled Marxism and the Crisis in Modern Biology – in the Journal of Biological Sciences, (vol.3, no 2, pp 40 – 53).

Of course, the unstoppable machine realizes that anything related to marxism and crises at the same time is not very interesting… Nor as impressive as, say, creative accounting of deaths… Besides, who are those who take advantage of Mr. Karl today (those who, after all, boast that they are marxists, certainly not!), eh? On the other hand, it is awkward some “invisible hands” (not at all invisible!) to throw citizens of western capitalism by the millions into the deep pit of the (individual) “biotechnology crisis” and its overcoming, with hygienist terror campaigns and even more terror-“salvations”…

And yet it happens. Cruelly, coldheartedly – and in a completely state-capitalist way!

Does anyone remember the “millennium virus” (y2k)? At that time, however, there were neither remote controls of everyday life nor antisocial media…

Those (those who exist, that is, the few…) who have tended to have even the most basic idea of “capitalist development” and the crisis oscillations of this development, are together with everyone else, in the same pit. In the “joint container” of the “deniers”, which is actually the isolation chamber of constructions where the masses (their mind, ethics, emotions, logic) become the raw material for lubricating the gears of general capitalist crisis / restructuring. In this case of the leap to the standards of the 4th industrial revolution. The difference? That they understand!

Reactions to this systemic violence are real and multiform! Against this kind of wild original accumulation of the bio-info-security complex, a primitive rejection has been manifested, which has neither coherence nor accuracy for the most part. But anyone who has the courage to go back in history will learn that this is not so strange; that it does not happen for the first time; and that this immature, raw, often irrational reaction, which allows various “5th columns” of the system to intensify erosion (leading to paralysis from other ways) is a kind of broad and real political cartography of the time, even beyond the health / illness issues.

We know what is happening now (many others should know it too). Modern technology is mystified / fetishized while it has become (and will become even more intensely) the dominant aspect of everyday life. The technological background of capitalism is becoming more and more political, not because it was adopted by a party but because it is evolving in the first and final analysis as pivotal even for the details of everyday life. It is political as techniques of power.

The subjugated perceive both the technological applications and the over-coding they impose on social relations as an independent, mysterious but also “friendly” factor, a good genie, independent of the general capitalist tendencies and developments, which they ignore as such. They live inside the social factory but do not have the critical perception of it as a labour camp of production, consumption, emotions, ethics, aesthetics. They ignore the continuity of its organization from above; they think (these arrogant Egos think) that they are the exclusive or even the main protagonists of their lives. Therefore, every “perversion” pushes these largely old- and neo-petty-bourgeois masses of Egos to the other end of mystification / fetishization, that is, the search for an omnipotent “satanic” plan or factor, the “revelation” of which they consider “liberating” as such…

In the face of a psyop-infested and unexpected violence, in a setting of long-term bankruptcy / abandonment of workers’ criticism (in theory and in practice), what different would one expect to happen? Even more so that the various types of teratologists receive a special demagogic / systemic (“negative”) exposure, because in the end they are conducive! For example, in a demonstration of a few tens of thousands, there may be 500 or 1000 fascists and 10 placards charging the 5G antennas for covid: these will be the ones that will be pointed out, that will be shown in the media, and nothing else… Completely randomly…

While the surprise of the sanitary terror campaign last spring was absolute and paralyzing / dissolving, and while the systemic coups in the first place were successful (that is, were imposed) almost completely without the massive and reasonable denials that corresponded to them, later, from the summer onwards, all over the western world, the cunning Historical Dialectic gave birth to this upheaval: the (often hypochondriac) hygienism of the first-world citizens on which the terror campaign initially flourished is now directed against its main purpose, against the quasi-vaccines! And so the (at first glance) paradoxical finding of social sampling emerges: while the majorities still accept the bans that were established in the first phase of the coups, now (but do not let this be too visible!) a large part of them, at the ground zero in terms of the biotechnological objectives of these coups, reject the genetic piracy that is trotted out as an “exit”, as a “salvation” through the quasi-vaccines!

It is the historic moment when the whole “narrative” of the hygienist terror – of this extortive “consolidation” of the biopolitics of domination – must be ripped out! Retrospectively, going backwards, and explaining (along with the rest) why in 21st century capitalism the construction of mega-fears and mega-threats is (until now) a piece of cake for the psychologists, sociologists, advertisers and behaviorists of the Spectacle – and in no case “proof” of the truth of any threat!! And perspectively, by extending first of all the empirical knowledge of the dark present to the future, “educating” those who are willing to actually live in this century on what exactly the capitalist 4th industrial revolution is and the new norms it has.

Lackeys of all kinds of maharajas will go berserk: workers’ criticism is “mental illness” they will be saying! It has been done by others like them in the past… From one point on we do not even need to answer; in principle we need to bypass them. We have completely opposite references and purposes, we are their enemies – and we mean it!

As they mean it too.

sarajevomag.net | 5-6-7/12/2020