“Total experience”


If you are wondering what kind of “gifts” (for everyday use) the 4th industrial revolution brings to all the people, the photo above (from the presentation of some 5G applications in Seoul) gives an idea.

However, the bright image on the top left is flat. But it shows the “total” virtual environment that (with the appropriate glasses) is formed on behalf of someone who wants to watch his or her favorite team on TV – for example. Thanks to the speed and volume of information and the service one has bought (not expensively) he or she will not just watch the match; one will not just look at the stats on demand; nor will one just be able to turn the match back to see a phase again and again while at the same time, on a part of the screen, will see the real time development of the game. One will “move” virtually to a complete viewing environment, where more will be happening.

If you ask “and why does the consumer of the 21st century want something like that?” we do not know the answer… But we are to blame: we never understood why consumers already want to poke the screen on a small electronic tile that they hold in their palm to “fool around”; instead of gazing around…

So let’s say: tastes and habits change very easily…

bytes & genes | cyborg #15 – 06/2019