Sex Machines

Could machines be the object of sexual attraction? Do not rush to answer with an ironic “no”. When talking about “erotic machines” one should not be limited to the robotic humanoids that already appear, in female forms, either in robotic brothels or for “private ownership / use”.

One should definitely include virtual reality machines; as well as mechanical and / or “sexually arousing” pharmaceutical technologies. If all this mechanical “ecosystem” is taken into account, then sex machines are nothing more than just a part of social machines; of the processes of mechanical mediation of social relations. Which in other parts have become commonplace…

Hasty to anticipate these developments, some sociologists have already coined the appropriate term: digisexuality. Someone who is “digisexual” is one who considers sex robots and virtual reality pornography to be a key part of his / her sexual experience, and feels no need for “physical” sexual intercourse with members of the human species.

For the time being, digisexuality could be considered a “marginal” situation; it could even be stigmatized. But doesn’t it deserve a place in the broader current of transformism?

bytes & genes | cyborg #15 – 06/2019