Even greater convenience

This is the next step, it’s here, and it’s good to know. Because it has arguments in its favor; and the assets to become fashionable.

In sweden, several thousand citizens have started to incorporate (under the skin, somewhere in the hand) the microchips (RFID) that until now were on various cards. The “planting” is simple (by “injection”) and the benefits – they say – are many: wherever such cards are used today (to open a door; to pay somewhere) one needs nothing more than “showing one’s hand”.

The demand is so great (and at once) that the company that makes these chips, Biohax international, cannot catch up with the orders. Its founder, Jowan Osterlund, a former professional body piercer, has meanwhile started training doctors and nurses to hire them for his growing clientele.

This happy and voluntary mechanization (literally) of the human body is reasonable and expected (by cultural criteria); certainly in the first world. Other kind of “instrumentalizations”, in the name of aesthetics, have been extensively and successfully preceded. If technology offers something more mundane, convenience, only some retrogressives will sneer… Right?

bytes & genes | cyborg #14 – 02/2019