Health on your plate!

FReSH (initials standing for Food Reform for Sustainability and Health) is a benevolent initiative of the “World Business Council” to restructure the world’s food system; and to make companies adapt to it… It was created in 2017 – and its members confer regularly…

There are many things that interest the bosses of food, drugs, communications… Keep the name of one of them: proteins. (If you remember that the “lifesaving” genetic engineering therapies that have become fashionable these days involve the production of proteins, it must be a simple coincidence…)

Do you understand that? Every radical capitalist restructuring requires a good crisis, a great “creative destruction” in advance; to be legitimized/justified. So keep an eye on the list of 30 companies participating in FReSH so far, to get a first-hand look at who will cause the next severe food crisis on the planet.

It will be then that the same (as a “kind of subjects”) who now accuse us of being “coldhearted” and “irresponsible” that Can’t you see that people are dying from covid? they will accuse us because don’t you see that people are dying of hunger?

So keep this announcement somewhere in the back of your mind. (Because, for the rest, we will hear the same bullshit…)