Close contacts of the known type.

They have their reasons to hide them; or, at least, not to advertise them. The hard core of the (American) state is a very good customer, and it has its requirements. But a former Google search executive, Jack Poulson (retired in 2018), had the perseverance and patience to look for a stack of 30 million US government contracts, signed from 2015 onwards.

There he discovered that microsoft has signed more than 5,000 contracts with the US Department of Defense and various federal public order mechanisms since 2016; amazon over 350, google over 250. He also discovered that signing contracts by various companies as fronts is a way for the big IT mafias to hide (at least at first glance) and cut to the chase as subcontractors…

The relationship is expected and “appropriate”. Of course, many employees of these mafias do not perceive it that way. For example, in 2018, thousands of google workers protested when they learned that a project they were working on involved a company contract with the US military to develop artificial intelligence that “locks” moving targets for drones. Many resigned as the company did not back down.

The phrase fascism is the merging of the state and the corporations is attributed to Mussolini. Very accurate and without room for misinterpretation. Therefore, the fanfares about the “defeat of fascism” every now and then are at least misguided. And finally misleading.