Eternal youth (superficial first)…

A South Korean cosmetics company called Amorepacific, in collaboration with a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), is preparing to support and commercialize the latter’s finding to inhibit skin cell aging.

KAIST biotechnologists claim that with a combination of chemical and genetic intervention in the cells, they have found a way to “block” a molecule that enables their aging. They are excited. “…our research opens the door for a new generation that perceives aging as a reversible biological phenomenon…” stated Professor Cho.

Indeed, “eternal childhood” (even infancy…) has commercially proven to be a very dynamic social ethos. Interestingly, however, relevant researchers and industrialists are noticing an additional demand for surface youth. Social media! “People show their image off much more intensely now” say the relevant experts – and indeed: the surface of the Ego must shine.

“Rectifications” via photoshop (which, after all, need some specialization…) will be overcome. Simply, as Cho clarifies, this mix of chemical and genetic youth will be commercially ready in a few years; and will be for heavy purses at first.

(Unless there is a social request for state benefits – we would remark…)