No prisoners!

The news is of american origin; it obviously serves american purposes. (The news is that) the chinese army that invests in the technological upgrade of the infantry, has made, among other things, helmets that can be blown up from a distance, by the administration… According to this proof of chinese barbarism, if the administration deems that a marine has been seriously injured and can not be saved or that he is in danger of falling into the hands of the enemy, it presses the button and the helmet tears the skull to pieces. According to the american super-spies, even the soldier himself can ask for such a heroic death – instead of being tormented or getting tortured…

They are criminals there in Beijing. They do not respect human life. While in Washington, they are made of respect: after all, they also coined the term collateral damage… Pure respect.

(photo: The helmet is old-fashioned… And destabilizing for the secured skulls of the time in Washington: it contributed to their defeat in Vietnam…)