Does the sofa have exhaust?

The clear atmosphere of the metropolis appeared from time to time, in the form of panoramic photos, in the good news of the quarantine days. One positive side effect of that period was the “health of the atmosphere”, various claimed. Of course, in a period when one tenth of the vehicles are in circulation, it is logical that there is a difference in the emission of pollutants but also in the general image of the city-from-above. There is nothing hidden or remarkable here. Now, if you need a pollutant-meter, a nice time with good lighting up in a hill and …

Augmented experience

The new peugeot’s automobiles are almost that –auto-mobiles, plus many more. Among other features, they have trajectory monitoring systems (of alert and steering correction in case of accidental deviation from the lane), the function of road sign recognition with speed limit recommendation and an automatic braking system with bicycle and pedestrian detection, by a radar and a mounted camera, day and night, for speeds between 5 to 140 km/h.

Keep your distances!

Or else a great disaster will fall upon you! Every aspect of everyday life can be mechanized… and if you/we do not like this, you/we must find what to do and how, without the illusion: “nooo, wayyy, they can’t do that.”

Cold Fusion

For some, it represents the ultimate energy solution: a cheap energy source without environmental implications. The final (and, above all, practical) form of such a nuclear process does not appear to be very near. For optimists, it is on the horizon. For realists, much more work and effort is needed. But, nevertheless, when we make a short comment here, it will be about the historical course of this idea. It was 1989 when two chemists, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, announced that they succeeded in experimentally producing a new kind of nuclear energy without release of radioactivity, which they called …


Soul flyers are a team of reckless air acrobats -whatever “acrobatics” may mean in this case, from skydiving to… Vince Reffet is a member of the team. He was “booked” for a spectacular demonstration of a solo [human] flight, which makes sense in terms of who would be willing to enter such a project. The toxic guy of the emirates does pay well and the show was a teaser for the upcoming “connecting minds, creating future” expo [2020], which is already set for the coming autumn (end of October) in Dubai. Who will be there, though, to do all the …