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The so-called remote work (we have explained that we prefer the term “work from home”, in order to get rid of the propaganda of idyllic descriptions of the type “work at sunset on the beach” or “work from the Bahamas”…) has been set in concrete, sometimes compulsorily and sometimes voluntarily, chalked up to the naughty virus. This “change” has, justifiably, attracted attention. We have already formulated some first thoughts here. However, to avoid the risk of conditioned reflexes (of the kind “when the bosses do A then we try to understand solely the consequences of A”), at the same time, we would suggest that the general tendencies of reorganization of wage slavery, as they were obvious (they had been announced, applied…) before the naughty virus, deserve attention. As it were: the general picture of capitalist restructuring as regards labor too needs special attention, because (we argue) it is within it that anyone interested can understand the characteristics of individual signs. In addition, we should know that the labor restructuring is already happening and will take place in many of its parts as management by stress: management under pressure. A first element: the large-scale deskilling of various types of intellectual labor, and among them those thought to be of “high social status”, such as doctors, lawyers or engineers. There was already (in many of the intellectual labor specialties) an oversupply (due to the mass production of degrees, masters and doctorates) and, consequently, (labor, financial) devaluation of a large part of the…