constructions of realities.

How easy is it for everyone to create their own reality? However easy it used to be in the past, the possibilities offered by the new technologies of the 4th industrial revolution make it even easier – and more “fun”. As the means change and evolve, the end remains the same; to create and maintain ideologies. Here are two of the many tools that can be used by anyone to create “fake news” and / or “fake faces”.

The human face-lessness of big data

Do the data have a human face? Only in the minds of their creators. Maybe the expression just wants to highlight the positives discovery and exploitation of this new raw material, of information, have for us humans. Or not; perhaps it’s the crude interpretation that derives from the digitization process itself: that the body is just a volume of information. That relations are a complex of networks and flows; that thoughts are electrical signals. Can anyone disagree with the experts? “Why, all this is scientifically proven!”

The “dual use”

The chinese biotechnology lab in Wuhan may be cursed as “responsible” for the spread of covid-19 by the US regime, but it’s not unknown to it at all. EcoHealth Alliance, an American non-profit organization, has been working with the Wuhan laboratory for over 10 years, mainly in the study of bat coronaviruses. EcoHealth Alliance is not a scout initiative! It …

Article 230

Twenty-six words in an article of a 1996 u.s. law allowed the internet to be what we know it to be; and in “content publishing” giants like google, facebook and twitter to gain the monopoly position they have over a large part of the world. Under that law, which concerned telecommunications in general, internet companies are exempt from any legal …


The image we usually have of robots mostly includes a lot of plastic, a lot of metal, power cables, noisy motors and flashing pilots. This was and remains to a large extent the dominant perception of robots, both in actuality and in (science) fiction. In recent years, robots have also taken on another “intangible” form. Software packages such as personal …

Automatic service quality

A rumor has it that at the peak of the “hot autumn” strike wave in northern italy, Agnelli, the owner of fiat, imagined, wished or wanted to hope for a completely automatic factory – without workers, strikes, conflicts, sabotage. Another rumor is that as the fight for $15 movement erupted in usa, some big food chain bosses began threatening to …

The orchestra of “truth”

The control of the media and, consequently, the manipulation by the media is not a new trick. If we still need to prove that “the news” are used as reality shapers, then we are many steps behind anything competitive. However, during the “pandemic crisis” it seemed that this was not a given.

Keep your eyes open!

The south korean state/capital complex quickly and effectively took advantage of the covid-19 opportunity. What is certain is that from a technological point of view, it belongs to the global avant-garde; what in the west is called “the center of capitalism” has shifted east. Two small clues to the new wonderful world to come. The first is south korean, it …

Augmented experience

The new peugeot’s automobiles are almost that –auto-mobiles, plus many more. Among other features, they have trajectory monitoring systems (of alert and steering correction in case of accidental deviation from the lane), the function of road sign recognition with speed limit recommendation and an automatic braking system with bicycle and pedestrian detection, by a radar and a mounted camera, day and night, for speeds between 5 to 140 km/h.

Keep your distances!

Or else a great disaster will fall upon you! Every aspect of everyday life can be mechanized… and if you/we do not like this, you/we must find what to do and how, without the illusion: “nooo, wayyy, they can’t do that.”

The army as an infirmary

Certainly, the u.s. army hasn’t dressed up like a bat. The biological technologies office of notorious DARPA appears to be the heavy artillery of trumpistan -a.k.a. the land of the dead-ferret-wearing head of state- in the fight against the accursed Covid-19. It is not a surprise that DARPA has experts in (and conducts research into) biowarfare, both in BW attacks …

The unknown ancestor

It is certain that all humankind originated in Africa. It is also certain that our most recent genes are the result of interbreeding between the three versions of the original species, which evolved differently: the Neanderthal type, the (eurasian) Denisovan type and the (later) type which was called Homo Sapiens. All these types began their migration from Africa (if the …