Bio-hacking: biopolitics in the 21st century

…After all is said and done, the danger is not unknown at all! It is known. The bio-info-security complex wants to “hack” the human immune system, to short-circuit it, to neutralize it, and to make permanent dependence on “artificial immunity” in its stead, that is, dependence on vaccines, drugs and its platforms! In this way it wants not only to permanently hike up its “turnover” (we will all be permanently ill…) but also a few things more…

The candidate vaccines

The JAMA Network (the creator of the video) is the official website (and monthly journal) of the American Medical Association, with a special focus on “bio-technological” sciences. The A.M.A. is introduced as the largest medical association in the u.s (including medical students); therefore it is rather difficult to characterize it as “conspiracist” or “denier” (although you never know…).

Introduction to biosecurity

After the attacks on the Twin Towers, on September 11, 2001, the world entered a “new normality”. On the occasion of these attacks, new practices and technologies of surveillance and repression were installed throughout the spectrum of public and private space, which nullified the civil liberties granted until then. The “war on terror” imposed emergency mobilization for the purposes of managing the “Islamic threat”, which (emergency mobilization / urgent need) was then made permanent. Always in the name of “freedom”…

The games of science

Could research into the longed-for vaccine include video games, such as those played on a mobile phone, to spend time? Apparently, yes; in fact, they are a crucial element of the ideology that surrounds this research – and science in general. That of “citizens science”. The above spot is a war presentation of the eterna video game.

what a world!

Under no circumstances would we recommend… netflix to anyone! Or anything like that. (Some book yes…) But on the occasion of the documentary “the social dilemma”, where various “repentant” executives / inventors of applications and technologies that have proven to be huge commercial successes and cultural / intellectual / moral hurricanes (related to antisocial media) become accusers of their own works, consider this: Would you ever trust a fetishist (of technology, religion, commodity) even if he or she sincerely wanted to set you free from a fetishism?

constructions of realities.

How easy is it for everyone to create their own reality? However easy it used to be in the past, the possibilities offered by the new technologies of the 4th industrial revolution make it even easier – and more “fun”. As the means change and evolve, the end remains the same; to create and maintain ideologies. Here are two of the many tools that can be used by anyone to create “fake news” and / or “fake faces”.

Labor is the target.

The measures taken (and will be taken) on the occasion of the pandemic have a huge impact on the economy in general and the labor market in particular. Rhetoric has it that in order lives to be saved, the economy must be sacrificed. “Human life above profits!” is the slogan; and concerns about whether states have anti-capitalist tendencies to protect us are manifested in the cafes of the friends of the working class. Unable to find an explanation for the “turn of states against their interests and profits”, they accept this turn as a contradiction and get rid of it; to get confused again afterwards, trying to criticize its management, asking for more protection measures and bonuses.


You may easily be about a century behind. He is certainly not a successful businessman either, but that’s how he is considered (the parallel realities, you see!). He stands very well as a “laundry” and as a promoter. Actually, the century you have probably lost needs such people: “visionaries”. So the man who first launched the electric car hyping it …

The human face-lessness of big data

Do the data have a human face? Only in the minds of their creators. Maybe the expression just wants to highlight the positives discovery and exploitation of this new raw material, of information, have for us humans. Or not; perhaps it’s the crude interpretation that derives from the digitization process itself: that the body is just a volume of information. That relations are a complex of networks and flows; that thoughts are electrical signals. Can anyone disagree with the experts? “Why, all this is scientifically proven!”


Quantum dots (QDs) are achievements of nanotechnologies; techniques that manage materials at the scale of atoms and / or molecules. QDs are semiconductor circuits, ie “chips”, in the size of a few nanometers. (One “nanometer” is equal to one millionth of a millimeter. Each scalp hair is 60,000 times thicker…). At this scale various materials exhibit different behaviors and properties …

Person-Generated Health Data

We know that there are many, too many, those who find it difficult (? – refuse? – are unable?) to connect the 4th industrial revolution with the mega-management not of “health” but rather of the generalization of the disease that was methodized worldwide as “the killer covid-19 and how to deal with it “. We know that there are many, …

The orchestra of “truth”

The control of the media and, consequently, the manipulation by the media is not a new trick. If we still need to prove that “the news” are used as reality shapers, then we are many steps behind anything competitive. However, during the “pandemic crisis” it seemed that this was not a given.